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Kerry O'Brien in conversation with
Grace Tame, Australian of the Year 2021

In partnership with HOTA, Home of the Arts, Griffith University's A better future for all series continued with Grace Tame joining Kerry O’Brien.

Grace Tame is a remarkable young leader. Her courage and example are empowering survivors of sexual assault to reclaim their agency by telling their stories. Her words have power as we have seen since she was made Australian of the Year in January 2021. Her bravery has inspired others to demand accountability and change the systems that protect perpetrators. She has shown this can be done. Her work with the #LetHerSpeak campaign changed Tasmanian laws.

We need to hear the stories of survivors. We need to understand their trauma. We need to challenge the culture and power dynamic that allows such abuse to occur and remain hidden. As Grace says, “Communication breeds understanding … and when we share, we heal”.

In this A Better Future For All conversation with Kerry O’Brien, Grace explored these complex and personal issues and how they go to the heart of power relations. Listening begets action. This is a conversation not to be missed.  

Grace Tame

Australian of the Year 2021, Grace is empowering survivors of sexual assault and working to reform the law and culture that fosters abuse. She was supported by the #LetHerSpeak campaign in 2019 to obtain a court order that allowed her to speak out publicly, under her real name, as a survivor. The law was subsequently changed in Tasmania to enable other victims to do the same. Now 26-years-old and based in Hobart, Grace has already made her mark and is an in-demand speaker and influential advocate. She is also a yoga teacher, visual artist, and marathon runner.

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Tuesday 30 March 2021

6 – 7.15 pm AEST

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