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A better future for all

Kerry O’Brien in conversation with Professor John Rasko AO,
pioneer in gene and stem cell therapies

In partnership with HOTA, Home of the Arts, Griffith University's A better future for all series continued with Professor John Rasko AO joining Kerry O’Brien.

Professor John Rasko is a globally pre-eminent physician-scientist whose work on regenerative medicine and biotechnology is fundamentally changing our understanding of diseases and their cures.

His 2018 Boyer Lectures detail both the promises and pitfalls of gene and cell-based strategies to cure and prevent disease. As co-author of the recently published book Flesh Made New, he argues that the great hope offered by regenerative medicine for human health has been compromised by unrealistic expectations and outright fraud. Professor Rasko highlights the uncertainties and false promises that litter the path to a healthier, science-based future. 

In this interview in the Griffith University series A Better Future For All, Kerry O’Brien spoke to Professor Rasko about science, stem-cell research and the future of medicine.


The details


Thursday 29 April 2021

6 – 7.15 pm AEST


Livestreamed from HOTA, Home of the Arts, Gold Coast

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